What information and detail can I expect from makers?

Makers will contact you soon after expressing interest in your project brief. You will also be provided with their contact details (via email and via the Project Dashboard menu in your account) should it be more convenient for you to reach out to them.

We will also provide you a link to the makers’ profile where possible. We encourage clients to visit the profiles of any interested makers to review product examples in their portfolio and any feedback & reviews from prior Handkrafted project commissions.

The type of project brief will dictate the detail and information provided by a maker in any initial correspondence. If the brief and design is straightforward, they may be able to provide you with a quote (or range) at the outset.

In many instances, it will be necessary for the maker to discuss project details with the client to refine the direction and design before a quote can be provided. Where material design effort is required by the maker to firm up their proposal, it is commonplace for a maker to levy a Design Fee to undertake the design effort. This is entirely at the discretion of the maker, yet reflects the great deal of time and effort often required to prepare a detailed design proposal and associated costing.

While a specific level of detail is not prescribed, ultimately you need to be comfortable with the understanding you are reaching with the maker before formalising any agreement and making payment.

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