Maker project history statistics and feedback ratings

You may find a sub-heading titled PROJECT HISTORY on a maker's profiles. This includes high-level statistics regarding client projects performed via Handkrafted.

In Progress: Refers to the number of open projects where the maker has been commissioned, yet the product has not yet been completed and delivered.

Completed: Refers to the number of projects completed and delivered to Handkrafted clients.

Positive Feedback: Refers to the proportion of completed projects where the client has rated their overall experience with that maker as positive. This will only display where feedback has been provided.

Feedback Reviews

If a client provides feedback, they will indicate whether the overall experience was positive or negative. In addition, the following ratings are provided (out of 5 stars):

  • Ease & Quality of Communications
  • Completion & Delivery Timeframes
  • Material & Craftsmanship Quality

Average ratings are displayed based on all feedback received.

Finally, clients can provide a feedback commentary which are displayed below the averaged feedback rating scores.

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