How much should I expect to pay?

The costs involved in bespoke craftsmanship will be influenced by a number of key variables, including:

  • Raw Materials
  • Build Quality
  • Amount & Sophistication of Joinery
  • Design Overhead
  • Production Efficiencies: One-off versus Batch Production
  • Labour & Rent Costs

Getting something custom made by an expert craftsperson is rarely an exercise in buying something at the lowest possible price. If you’ve found something available at a retailer that is mass-produced overseas, it’s very unlikely that you will find a local maker able to produce it for you at a lower cost.

It’s important to consider the differences and benefits of custom craftsmanship relative to mass-produced goods. For more insight into this topic you may wish to view a related FAQ What are the benefits of connecting directly with makers to commission a handmade item? or our blog post on this theme "6 Benefits to Buying Custom".

In buying bespoke, you’re getting exactly what you want directly from an expert local craftsperson, receiving a high-quality product that is made-to-last, while also helping to preserve and support time-honoured skills and creatives within our communities. It’s an investment in something that matters.

But what exactly can you expect to pay?

The variability makes it extremely difficult to provide reliable guidelines.

It comes down to a question of what you want and value.

You can search for similar items listed in the portfolios of our makers as a broad indication of typically pricing (try searching product listings via our 'explore' function).

Once a brief is posted, we’ll connect you with suited makers who are best placed to provide you with options and approximate pricing. 

For more insight on this topic, refer to our blog post titled "Factors Influencing the Cost of Custom Furniture".

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