What are the benefits of connecting directly with makers to commission a handmade item?

The experience and outcomes associated with the commission of a bespoke piece from an expert craftsperson is unparalleled to purchasing anything mass-produced.

The rationale and benefits of this process include: 

  • A final product that is tailor-made to your exact specifications
  • A focus on quality which guarantees your project is built well and made-to-last
  • The employment of sustainable materials and production processes
  • Support for time-honoured skills and techniques that have been passed down for generations
  • Connecting directly with a maker to bypass global supply chains, removing the barrier to any doubts you may have with expertise, materials and working conditions
  • An emotional connection to your commissioned piece, ensuring you end up with something meaningful and sentimental that you can pass on to your kids and theirs.
  • A lasting experience in which you can enjoy collaborating with professionals throughout the design process to fulfill your vision and create a story behind the object itself.

For a more in-depth perspective on this topic, refer to the article posted on the Handkrafted Blog titled 'Benefits of Buying Custom'.

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