What are Premium Profiles?

Handkrafted offers registered makers two options for their public profile listing:

  • Standard (Free)
  • Premium ($30 per month, paid annually)

Premium Profiles provide a richer listing incorporating the following features:

  • Additional gallery photos and the ability to embed videos
  • Links to the makers personal website and social networks
  • Contact details, including contact phone number and address
  • Instagram feed display
  • Accreditations and qualifications
  • Links to media articles
  • More product listings
  • Reduced transaction fees

A detailed breakdown of the features of each profile type is available here.

Throughout the 'Edit Maker Profile' function, some of the tabs and fields will be labeled 'PREMIUM'. If completed, they will only display on the public profiles of makers with an active Premium Profile subscription.

To enable your Premium Profile, please send your request to support@handkrafted.com.

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